01 September 2007


Hidden Mickey (CMs) – A Hidden Mickey is a representation of Mickey hidden throughout the Disney parks and resorts by Imagineers. The typical Hidden Mickey is the iconic three-circle head of Mickey, but silhouettes of Mickey, as well as other characters, can count. Hidden Mickeys can be sculpted, painted, etched, carved, and even grown into anything and everything inside Walt Disney World.
E-Ticket – Before rides were included in the general admission price of visiting a park, separate tickets, most commonly sold in books containing a variety of tickets, had to be purchased for each attraction at Disneyland, and later, the Magic Kingdom. Attractions were given a level, A through E, based on how popular or how recent an attraction was. A-Tickets would allow you to experience attractions like the Main Street Vehicles, while E-tickets would include such attractions as Space Mountain. Today the term E-Ticket is reserved for discussing attractions that are the peak of entertainment within their respective parks. E-Tickets include (but are not limited to): Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Soarin’, Test Track, Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ RollerCoaster, and Expedition Everest.
Plussing – Plussing is the idea of making an attraction (or show, façade, store, walkway, sign, or anything) better. Whether the idea is in its early stages, or already on stage in the parks, an Imagineer can always go back to an idea and plus it. The term plussing comes straight from Walt Disney, and it was a way of life, not a suggestion, within the Disney culture.

For more information on Hidden Mickeys, I suggest Steven M. Barrett’s Hidden Mickeys books for Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

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