22 September 2007

Such style and taste that’s heavenly

There has been a debate amongst Disney scholars and regular guests for a number of years. For a while the fevered contest will die away, there will have been no consensus reached, but everyone involved will simply agree to disagree. Then some rabble rouser will come along and stir the bees nest up again, and round eight-hundred and fifteen will begin. Well, I just happen to have a sharp stick today, and there’s a bees nest right here. For every Dole Whip conouser out there, there is an equally dedicated being devoted solely to the Citrus Swirl. Just so you know, although it doesn’t get mentioned nearly enough, the Citrus Swirl used to kick the Dole Whip all over the playground.

These days the Dole Whip, in it’s coolly sponsored eatery, the Aloha Isle, has a piece of prime real estate in the heart of Adventureland just across the bridge from the Hub. Meanwhile, the Citrus Swirl, and its tropical stand, the Sunshine Tree Terrace, has been banished to a corner behind both The Enchanted Tiki Room and The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. As a result of poor sales due to location, location, location the Citrus Swirl has been forced to accept a cost that is twenty cents more than its competitor the Dole Whip. You’d have to be a truly dedicated soul to seek out a tasty treat that is not along the main walkway of Adventureland, and that costs more, but those of us that are truly in the know recognize the true greatness of the Citrus Swirl.

For those of you wondering what this magical creation is that you have been missing out on, the Citrus Swirl is the delectable combination of concentrated orange juice and soft serve vanilla ice cream whirled together with some extra Magic. It may be an underdog in every other respect to the Dole Whip, but in taste alone, there can be no comparison. While the Sunshine Tree Terrace does serve other frozen goodies, such as Raspberry Lemonade Slushes, Root Beer, Sprite, and Coke Floats, and both the soft serve and orange concentrate on their own, the Citrus Swirl is the only reason to venture back to this little visited oasis.

I wish I could tell you how many Citrus Swirls I’ve enjoyed in my life, but my memory doesn’t go back far enough. The Citrus Swirl has been a family secret and tradition since I was a little boy. One day it will be a tasty tradition I pass on to my children, and then they can pick up the orange and ivory banner, wave it in the face of the Dole Whip onslaught, and bellow, “tell our enemies that they may take our spoons, but they'll never take...OUR DESSERT!”

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