05 September 2007

Young Adventurers – Maelstrom

There is a mystery and beauty in Norway, beyond the stave church, 14th century fortress, and the town square. There is where you will find the Maelstrom, a turbulent journey through the many faces of Norway. Should you not believe in trolls, magic, and the history of the world of Odin, this is not the voyage for you. However, if you are open to ideas beyond your own, you may find the supernatural you are looking for. For as they say, you are the first to pass this way. Through ancient forests, swamps, and ice floes you shall pass, encountering trolls, polar bears, and the raging sea, and only then will you truly identify with the spirit of Norway. Now, the Vikings have sent a dragon-head ship to guide you safely, should you be willing to embrace their mystery and beauty.

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