25 September 2007

Lookin’ for a tempting treat?

I think two of the most fun themed restaurants in all of Walt Disney World can both be found in the same park, Disney-MGM Studios (for those of you checking back on this article after January 2008, that would be Disney’s Hollywood Studios). Both are not to be missed for different reasons, but neither 50’s Prime Time Café nor Sci-Fi Dine In Theater Restaurant should be overlooked.

Prime Time is in a league of its own for what I like to call a Streetmosphere restaurant. Your experience here is entirely dependant upon your wait staff, who is your long lost cousin, brother, sister, aunt, etc. The characters found here not only expect you to clean your plate, but the dishes as well. The idea here is that you eating dinner at one of the 50’s television shows kitchen table. Setting the table, perfect table manners, and having to sing should all be expected. Dinner consists of large portions of homemade favorites like Char Grilled Pork Loin, Fried Chicken, Post Roast, and Stuffed Peppers. If you don’t have a sense humor and an ability to laugh at yourself, this will not be an enjoyable dining experience. However, if you can not take yourself so seriously, then you should have a fabulous time.

My other favorite dive in the Studios is the Sci-Fi Dine In. Shakes, burgers, ribs, and Reubens are all typical fare here, but that is not the reason to dine here. No, this is another restaurant where it is your surroundings that make all the difference. Your table is actually in a car that is park at a Drive-In after dark. This evening’s feature? What else, so bad their good black and white Science Fiction B Movies. For those of us who miss the Drive-In, or those who have always wanted to see what was one was like, this is as close as some of us will ever get. So, pull up the parking break, grab a thick shake, and enjoy the rocket-y badness.

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