09 September 2007

Young Adventurers - Transportation

In your travels you will encounter forms of transportation you had thought only existed in your dreams. Yes, it is true you will ride the rails to various lands, some of these lands are old friends while some are wild, even in comparison to your imagination. Along the way you will encounter new people and untamed creatures, all are there to further your love of exploration. There will be cars, surely, but there will also be boats of all shapes and sizes. Some will be enclosed to keep you dry and cool, while others open so that the wind fills your hair and offers you strange scents of far off adventures that are calling to you. There will be electric carts at your disposal, trams filled with other explorers, worriless elevators that scream skyward past traditional stairs, and even an occasional horse for when the trails invite you down their long and dusty ways. And should you travel further through the lands of your imagination than you ever dreamed, you may just find tomorrow, and there are wondrous ways of moving about there. From a hushed highway in the sky, called a monorail, to the local peoplemovers that whisk you away to daring quests. Then again, you may find that your own two feet will carry you everywhere you ever needed to go.

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theDisnerd said...

Ugh!! I love this edition!! One of my favorite things about all of the Disney parks are the different modes of transportation. And the TTA is my all time favorite!