04 September 2007

Young Adventurers - Kali River Rapids

As you make your way through the winding backroads of mystic Asia, search out the Kali River Rapids Expeditions for a white water adventure. While you are booking passage on the Chakarandi River, take note of the striking artifacts the rafting company has gathered over its many years. Now board your raft for a thrilling journey down the Chakarandi white waters. You will see gorgeous bamboo forests, native creatures, and ancient temple ruins which were dedicated to the earth on which we thrive. As you pass through the mists you will swear that you taste the sweet jasmine on your lips. Beware though, it is said that loggers no longer treasure the lands that have for so long protected them, and are now slashing and burning their way through the forest. The earth can be a fickle friend, and should you see these loggers, the earth may just try to reclaim you, as it surely will them. Well now, your raft has arrived. Good luck, and have a safe journey my friend.

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