07 September 2007


Refurbishment – Also known as refurb, refers to an area, whether it be an empty spot of land, an attraction, a piece of an attraction, or any other area that is visible to guests, that is being plussed or redone. Examples include turning Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride into the Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh, repainting a bench, or adding a water fountain or handrail.
Queue – The queue is the area you wait in before getting to the actual attraction. Some are bland and consist of only switchback lines, such as Peter Pan’s Flight, while others give you whole back stories about what you are getting ready to experience, like the Yeti memorabilia and paraphernalia spread throughout Expedition Everest, and still others are films, like the pre-show dream sequence in Ellen’s Energy Adventure.
Wienie – A wienie is the term Walt Disney coined for a show element that invites you into an area/space and piques your interest for a closer examination. Each park has a park icon, or wienie. In the Magic Kingdom it is Cinderella Castle, in Epcot it is the geodesic sphere of Spaceship Earth, in Disney-MGM Studios (Disney’s Hollywood Studios) it is the Sorcerer Mickey’s Hat, and in Animal Kingdom it is the Tree of Life. Wienies are also used on minor scales through out the parks, such as the various mountains (Space, Splash, Big Thunder, and Everest), the pavilion icons in World Showcase, and the AT-AT outside of Star Tours.

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