27 September 2007

Gathering gifts from our past

Starting tomorrow I will be at Walt Disney World for a last trip with my father before my wedding and for Epcot’s 25th Anniversary. When I come back I hope to have all kinds of information to share with all of you, as well as photographs, and maybe a surprise or two. I will have detailed looks at the new Haunted Mansion, Epcot’s 25th, including my thoughts on the wandless Spaceship Earth, and a story about conquering my worst fear in all of Walt Disney World.

I will also be starting a new segment, a supplement if you will to the Young Adventurers series, it will be called Paths to Adventure. This goes back to my problem with the amount of information tailored to children visiting Walt Disney World. The paths to Adventure will be walk-throughs of various lands/sections/area/whatever you would like to call them of the various parks and resorts with information for children. Each of these will tell children where to look, and what to look for, as the blaze a trail to a new adventure or an old haunting ground.

Since this is the Year of A Million Dreams, let me tell you a few of my dreams I have laid out for myself on this trip, aside from spending a night in Cinderella Castle. I would love to meet Jeff Pepper and thank him in person, as I have on this site, for what he has brought to our community. I would also love to meet Lou Mongello and Marty Sklar, both Disney Legends in their own ways. I want to bring back new ideas and new Magic for this site for those of you who have been so gracious to stick with me as I travel into uncharted waters. I want to have fun meeting old and new Disney friends, especially those of you from the Netcot message boards (Rock On!). And most important of all, I hope to have a Magical trip with my father that will bring us closer together.

I hope you all come back and visit me next week when I return. I hope that those of you with children will enjoy the new Paths to Adventure division of the site. And for those of you unable to attend the Magic of Epcot’s 25th, I hope you know we will all feel you there with us in our hearts.

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