17 September 2007

Directly in front of us is a group of white blood cells

That little ear and throat thing I had yesterday morning turned into a full on flu yesterday and today. So I am going to keep this short today, and get back to my rest, and fluids, and Disney movies. But just as I was feeling miserable for myself I remembered my friend Gretchen who told me about her first trip to Disney. Her family was headed to the Magic Kingdom via the ferry boat and she started to feel ill. She then proceeded to get sick all over a woman’s shoes. She walked up Main Street, took a left, and spent the rest of her day in the First Aid/Baby Care Center. They took exceedingly good care of her, and the courtyard area there is nice to look at, but it is not the key to the Magic. Oh, and this was the only day her family was there.

So, when the germs and bugs get you down like me, and you are at home feeling miserable, remember my friend Gretchen. It could always be worse, you could be sick, and miserable, and missing out on all the Magic.

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