16 September 2007

This puppy’s starting to growl down here

I couldn’t sleep last night. My sinuses and ear were hurting, probably something to do with the fact that the weather has had a drastic shift here over the past 3 days. While stumbling around trying not to wake up my fiancée I realized a midnight snack (or in this case a 3:30 in the morning snack) was just what I needed. Unfortunately, we haven’t gone grocery shopping this week yet, so I was stuck with some crackers. What I really wanted though was pastry! And of course, I immediately thought of all the delicious bakeries of Walt Disney World.

Of all the bakeries, the one that is forever my darling is the Boulangerie Patisserie in France, well, at least the France in World Showcase. I know that there are bakeries all over the world that have pastries that taste better and have more quality ingredients, in fact there are some in my hometown, but when I’m at Walt Disney World I can think of none better. Not only does it have delicious desserts, like my beloved Raspberry Schuss, but it actually has the corner bakery/café fell that you find all over France. The side street, La Petite Rue, that the Patisserie sits on does not betray a single glimpse to the rest of Epcot. There are a few small tables with enough room for a treat or two and drinks. Inside, the throngs of people are enticed by display cases full of worthy choices. However crowded the Patisserie feels, especially if a showing of Impressions de France has just let out, is precisely how a busy corner bakery feels in France, and most are no bigger than the storefront here.

I can usually finish my Schuss or mousse in a couple of bites, but always like to sit for a few minutes longer to take in the various pieces of the ambience before moving on. I always feel a little more relaxed, and a little less hungry, after a short pause here. So if you’re in the mood to treat your body, this is your place. Maybe I’ll see you there; I’ll be the one with raspberry filling on my face with all my cares melting away.

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