26 September 2007

To be on the move

If you have ever been anywhere in any of the parks then I guarantee that you have walked past an ice cream cart, seen one of these treats, had a smile creep across your face, and suddenly have an insatiable craving for ice cream.

Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar
Minnie’s Strawberry Fruit Bar
Mickey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream Sandwich
Nestle Toll House Ice Cream Sandwich
Nestle Crunch King Size Ice Cream Bar
Itzakadoozie Ice Pop
Sugar-Free Strawberry Bar

So take a moment out of your busy day, think about the time that an ice cream sandwich, popsicle, or fruit bar made you smile. Take that smile and enjoy the rest of your day.

1 comment:

theDisnerd said...

This reminded me of standing in Animal Kingdom and sharing a Mickey Bar with my husband while we were on our Honeymoon. Thank you! :)