09 February 2009

The spirit of rhythm

This week, I again had the honor to sit in with Lou Mongello on the WDW Radio Show. During the show we discussed the pavilions and attractions of the World Showcase that might have been. Venezuela, Russia, Iran, and Australia are among the many people and places of the world that were conceptualized by Imagineers and dissected by Lou and I on the segment.

One pavilion that received a lot of attention, both from us and by EPCOT Center in 1982, is Equatorial Africa. To supplement the podcast, here are a few pieces of Equatorial Africa concept art for your viewing pleasure. And remember to check out the WDW Radio Show this, and every, week.


Unknown said...

Ryan, the images in your post always were of interest to me; the last image is a Herb Ryman concept for a proposed 'Heartbeat of Africa' show.

Princess Fee said...

Love the images you posted! I will be listening to the WDW Radio Show as I travel down to Manchester this weekend - it will be like I have you and Lou in the car with me!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

The amount of artwork for the Africa pavilion is remarkable, both in size and scope. The various shows would have been truly special had they ever seen the light of day.

Princess, I hope we keep you entertained!