20 February 2009

Scream escaping

I have been known from time to time to bask in the ever-present glow of Monsters Inc. and their collective comedy stylings. In fact, my favorite Princess pointed my Monster mania out this week over at her terrific site,DF’82, while sharing her own fantastic Monsters Inc. detail from the West Coast.

Perhaps it is time to take another look at the monster world. This time, we’ll take our cue from the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor queue. Containing a monster vending machine as well as various bulletin boards and posters, the employee area of the Laugh Floor seems very much like any workplace, only slightly skewed.Here, what appears to be a standard OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is actually a safety poster from MOSHA (Monster Occupational Safety and Health Concerns). While SCREAM ESCAPING may seem a bit out of place, concerns over radiation, poison, heat, electric, and fire could all appear on posters on our side of the door too. However, upon further inspection, the Monster Occupational Safety & Hazard Poster offers up some terrifyingly terrific insights into the mindset of Mostropolis:
POISON - …Not to be enjoyed as a beverage.
FIRE - …Use extreme caution if covered with over 40% body hair; hair loss may occur.
MAXIMUM LABOR/MINIMUM WAGE - …with additional scaring encouraged as required…

1 comment:

Princess Fee said...

Thank you for the more than kind mention!

And what do you mean Poison can't be enjoyed as a beverage? Apart from Blort it's my drink of choice!