23 February 2009

No refunds, exchanges or returns

It has been a very long weekend here at the Gazette offices. I imagine for some of you out there, like myself, are finding it difficult to get going this morning. Whether you had an amazing weekend or a rough weekend, coffee just isn’t going to cut it this morning. So, let’s do something creative this morning to get those juices flowing.I have recently been stricken by the Vinylmation Park Series 1 bug and I am currently seeking to piece together a collection. For more information on what in the world I am talking about, check out this Vinylmation page.

As I look at the patterns and figures created by artists such as Celeste Cronrath, Kyle Price, and Lisa Badeen I began thinking of what I would like to see in a Vinylmation Park Series 2. I sketched out a few things and then remembered I lost what little art skill I had years ago, but with a few descriptive words (of which I am not at a loss for) I thought I give you my ideas of a series design.

Kitchen Kabaret Broccoli
Tower of Terror Bellhop
Mr. Toad
Spaceship Earth Pattern
Maleficent Dragon from Fantasmic!
Pixie Dust in a Night Sky
Norway Troll
Tree of Life carvings
Skyway Bucket (Blue)
PUSH (The mobile talking trash can)
Chaser: Window from Sleeping Beauty Castle (Front)/Window from Cinderella Castle (Back)

These are my ideas, now, to get going on a Monday morning, I’d like to see some of the ideas some of you have for a Vinylmation figure. Make it one figure or an entire series, put create something and add it to the comments section. But remember, the Series 1 figures included designs from past and present attractions, characters, motifs, artist interpretations, and figures that reached across from Walt Disney World and Disneyland to the Disney Cruise Line.

For those of you still fighting off the grogginess of a Monday, this should spark those synapses. As for those of you out there who woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, well, this should be simple for you, shouldn’t it?


M.Sedlar said...

How about:

Big Al from the Country Bear Jamboree.

One of the Tiki gods from the Enchanted Tiki Room.

The Auctioneer from Pirates of the Caribbean.

One of the Seven Dwarves.

And, of course, a Hitchhiking Ghost.

Princess Fee said...

Oooh I like this one! Although it's a Tuesday morning here (and sometimes that's tougher than a Monday morning)...let's see...

Alice in Wonderland
Mickey's Philarmagic
One in the style of Andy Warhol
Rock N Rollercoaster Guitar
Roger Rabbit
It's A Small World Hawaii Girl
Little Leota
Oh, and Minnie Mouse :)