14 February 2009

Every rock and tree

The tree is a source of life. It shades us from the sun, offers us shelter from the elements, and nourishes us with its fruits. Trees are more abundant inside of Disney's Animal Kingdom than in any other park that comprises Walt Disney World. Not just the iconic Tree of Life or the trees whose canopies cover the walkways, but also in symbolisms found throughout the park, from lanterns to stage pieces.

The most often tread upon use of the tree is also one of the least known. Set into the entrance pavement, from the tram gates to the park entrance and, a tree grows with each step we take towards the Oasis. It is hard to see, or photograph, the pattern since it runs across the baggage check, various planters, and the ticket booths. Thankfully, Google Earth gives us the perfect vantage points for these aerial wonders.

The next time you are walking towards the Oasis, the parks dramatic break from the outside world, tread carefully and take notice of one of the more subtle messages in the park.

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