08 February 2009

In the Spotlight: College Musicians

The youth of the world have always been a source of vibrant energy to the theme parks of Disney. From the college program to Magic Music Days, the young people of the world have come in droves to Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and they have brought with them a fantastic set of skills, unbridled optimism, and a glimpse into tomorrow. In the Spring of 1981, Disney News highlighted the All American College Marching Band program at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The benefit to both the parks and the young people involved is clear as you read through In the Spotlight: College Musicians.

Lively summertime music and snappy marching routines are part of the entertainment supplied by the versatile All American College Marching Band at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Two spirited dancers accompany the 20-piece bands at each of the themed parks.

There talented musicians have been selected in response to posters and letters set to colleges and universities nationwide.

Students are attracted to the 12-week program not only because of the opportunity to perform live before so many appreciative people, but because of the educational daily clinical workshops… featuring noted guest lecturers. Dancers attend similar workshops.

Disney provides housing and a stipend, plus transportation for the summer program. It’s possible, depending upon the student’s host college requirements, for the student to apply for college credit at the close of the program.

To choose instrumentalists, a series of live auditions are held in key locations. Dancers’ auditions are held in Orlando, Florida and at Disneyland. Applicants must be enrolled in a college as a freshman, sophomore or junior and be 18 or over. They must be able to sight read. Dancers are taught a routine to present.

Dr. Art Bartner, director of bands at University of Southern California, will direct the band this year, and Mike Davis will be in charge of the Florida ensemble. 1981 will mark the 11th year of the college program.

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Princess Fee said...

I love seeing and hearing the college bands in Walt Disney World - especially on Main Street USA!