06 February 2009

Young Adventurers - Bathing Fountain

Along the banks of the Chakranadi River, deep within the heart of Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Asia, lies a quiet getaway for young explorers. The waters of the Chakranadi are rough and many of the expeditions will not allow passengers on their rafts unless the meet a height requirement of 38 inches. For those not quite up to the physical challenge of the river, but still the will to get wet, there is a small bathing fountain just outside of the entrance to Maharajah Jungle Trek.Here, water from a fountain springs up for all who venture near the stone structure. While the fountain itself may only hold five bathers, additional spouts and sprays can be found along the exterior of the small building for those seeking refreshment. Though, a word to the wise, there is to be no food, drink, glass, or animals permitting in the bathing fountain while you are soaking your troubles away, as ordered by the crown.

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