25 February 2009

The building blocks for the future up ahead

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about where I want the Main Street Gazette to go, how I’ve gotten to where I’ve gotten, and where I started from (For those of you who know my narratives’ lengths can know no bounds, don’t worry, this isn’t that article). I’ve done a lot of reading, writing, questioning, and conversing since this all started. I’ve also taken more than my fair share of photographs.

Today, I thought it would be nice to take a step back, in time and in seriousness, and look at some of the pictures from the Main Street Gazette’s first “research trip.” This trip happened in September/October of 2007 and was also the last trip before my wedding with my dad.


Princess Fee said...

I love posts like this!! And some great memories from that trip. You managed to get on the Indiana Jones show? I didn't know you were an actor!! ;)

Keep up with the amazing work on the MSG - I love reading it and you are constantly teaching me new things!

Unknown said...

Great blog. I'm adding it to my favorites so I can come back often!

I've devoted Wednesdays on my blog to WDW tips and tricks - I hope you'll stop by!