25 February 2009

My countrymen

In late 2007 when I was able to spend a few days in Disneyland as part of my honeymoon, my first and only trip to date to the original park, I was disheartened by the number of attractions I had been anticipating that were either down for refurbishment (Alice in Wonderland and it’s a small world), totally redone (Tom Sawyer Island), or had been “temporarily” displaced. The latter category relates an attraction that is near to my heart for a myriad of reasons, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

Today, however, we get word that Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln will be returning to Disneyland. To buy-in to this year’s theme, this is indeed cause for celebration. Read the entire press release over at The Disney Blog.


M.Sedlar said...

Did you have an opportunity to go on The Indiana Jones Adventure, the Matterhorn and most of the original attractions?

I'll actually be in California in May, but I doubt "later this year" means "in the next couple of months." If I remember correctly, the Sleeping Beauty walk-through had the same "it'll open when it's finished" schedule.

Just a tip: Airfare is REALLY cheap right now. Consumerist had an article about the price drops. Essentially, nobody is buying so the airlines are scrambling to sell tickets. My tickets in May cost less than $200 rt.

DisneyBirkis said...

I hope you have a chance to come back out to DL when the maintenance schedule is less impacted. I have to admit I'm an Anaheim chauvinist -- I've always found it to be a banquet whereas Orlando is more of an orgy. Plus, Walt's fingerprints are very much still on it.