15 February 2009

We go on

MouseFest is going through a lot of changes. Not only has the number of participants grown in leaps and bounds every year, but the needs for all of those various guests has also grown exponentially. All of this has had some dramatic effects for MouseFest going forward, as is evident by the email the MouseFest Executive Committee released this afternoon. The entirety of which can be read at MouseFest.org.

There are two pieces of this press release that I wanted to address here: The stepping down of Dave Marx as the MouseFest Chairman and the 2009 hiatus of MouseFest.

First, and foremost, allow me to offer my deepest gratitude to Dave Marx. I may not have been able to attend every MouseFest, but the tireless work and effort he has put into this event is far above and beyond what could be asked of any of us. Thank you for all you have done for us Dave!

As for MouseFest being on hiatus for this coming winter, I can only say I am optimistic at what the future holds for the event, and appreciate everything (both out front and behind the scenes) that the Executive Committee has done for us in the past. I am sure 2010 will knock all of our socks off.

The MouseFest Executive Committee has given its blessing of a sort to the continued travel of the community and of events that gather us together this coming December, even though MouseFest will not officially be taking place. In the spirit of everything that makes MouseFest and the Disney community great, the Main Street Gazette will be in Walt Disney World during what was originally scheduled to be the MouseFest Land dates. Additionally, on at least one of the dates, the Main Street Gazette will be hosting a gathering/event/shared experience of some sort. I hope to see all of you there as well!

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