10 February 2009

Quietly seated at all times

How is this for a bench?No detail is ever spared when it comes to the parks of Walt Disney World, right down to the benches to rest upon. From the branch-fashioned benches of Camp Minnie-Mickey to the stone carved seats of Epcot’s Japan and beyond, the benches may not always be the most comfortable but they do possess that something extra in the way of style. However, between the serpentine coiling of the iron and the glowing red eyes of the various creatures that reside upon this Haunted Mansion bench, I don’t know that it is possible to be more uncomfortable on any bench property-wide.

While this may be a terrifically terrifying feature that is sure to amuse and amaze many, including any Disney geeks you may know, it is probably best to keep the child clutching your hand from seeing this bench while standing in the Haunted Mansion’s exterior queue. Unless, of course, you want them to start screaming and crying before they are introduced to your Ghost Host.


Unknown said...

Ryan, I'd never seen this one before. Thanks!

Princess Fee said...

I think instead of taking photos of bins and bathrooms we could start taking photos of benches! Like Richard, I had never seen this one before - great detailing!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

I am an equal opportunity photographer. Benches, trash cans, signs, restroom tile patterns, I find it all incredibly interesting! As for this bench in particular, I hadn't seen it either until last fall, but it is a really unique piece.