09 October 2009

Can't get any better

With so many wonderful attractions and shows to experience, view, and partake in, Walt Disney World can often times be more exhausting than the relaxing respite from the day-to-day drudgery that it truly is. While sitting in an air-conditioned breezeway may offer you time to cool off and recharge your batteries (both internally and for your camera), there are a multitude of locations throughout Walt Disney World to recharge the batteries of your spirit.A sleepy corner of Frontierland along the riverbank, a pristine point looking back at the Polynesian, a beautiful garden at any number of World Showcase pavilions, or a walkway with a spectacular view. Each spot within the parks and resorts of Walt Disney World offer something to nourish the soul. And while you may not find the beauty in sitting on a concrete bench staring at the passing Tomorrowland Blue Line, for another guest that solitary moment may be enough to keep them going for another year or two.Each and every person can find a mirror for themselves at Walt Disney World, and just as we are all unique, so too are the places and experiences that we treasure and hold with us long after the last firework shell has gone out in a blaze of glory and after we have unpacked and washed the last load of laundry from a trip. My spot, because I am lucky enough to be able to spend so much quality time at Walt Disney World, could change by the hour. The truth gem of the experience, however, is in finding the time to stop, take it all in (or as much as we can), and hold onto for just as long as we can in our hearts and minds.Where would I want to be recharging my sense of Disney spirit right now, if I were given a choice? These steps along the Streets of America look pretty appealing at the moment. What about all of you out there? Where would you like to just stop and take pause of the wonderful World of Disney surrounding you at this very moment?


Tim (The Daily Mickey) said...

In Magic Kingdom, my favorite spot to relax and take in the surroundings is in a rocking chair outside Town Square Exposition Hall.

At the Studios, I'm particularly fond of sitting on a bench on Sunset Boulevard. It's a great place to people watch and you never know when the Streetmosphere characters might make an appearance.

I haven't yet discovered such places in Epcot or Animal Kingdom.

Unknown said...

I definitely agree with a bench on Sunset Blvd. We were there last week and one of the streetmosphere characters (the security guard) was the same cast member that used to portray Otis T. Wren in the Adventurer's Club! We had a lot of fun watching him.

AJ said...

Great post, Ryan. I'm always on the lookout for relaxing places to re-charge during or after a busy park day. One of my favorites is the Seas pavilion in Epcot. Nobody sticks around at the aquarium windows very long, so you can usually find a cool, quiet spot to take a breather.

Princess Fee said...

I LOVE these kind of areas in the park - especially as I am not used to the heat, I always need a place to quickly re-charge my batteries.

And I would agree with Tim - I love sitting on the benches in Sunset Boulevard. Especially the ones between Rock N Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror, just near the food-court area. Very nice!