17 October 2009

An unfortunate camel collision

The Adventurers Club offered something for everyone, true life adventurers to interact with, comedy, remarkable drinks, and a level of detail that compares only to the intricately realistic Serka Zong and Hollywood Tower Hotel. There are an innumerable amount of unique experiences in Walt Disney World, but the retired crown jewel that was the Adventurers Club is one we can only hope will be duplicated someday.

Within the vastly overlooked, though not underappreciated, collections of the Adventurers Club are a number of incredible items. Many of the more distinctive pieces come complete with their own museum-like display plaques. Often, such items blend the history of myths with a comedic twist. One such display, and one of my personal favorites, is the Authentic Flying Carpet of Abu Dhabi which comes complete with its own seatbelts.

Acquired by Lord and Lady Reed and donated to the Club’s permanent collection following an unfortunate camel collision. Fortunately, Lord and Lady Reed walked away from the incident unscathed. “It pays to buckle up.”

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