14 October 2009

Protecting the magic

Perhaps I have some sort of special insight or reason to look to the members of the Walt Disney World Security Division, but I am always amazed at how these front lines of guest relations interact with guests. By the time a guest places their ticket into a gate, chances are they have had an encounter with a security officer. They make jokes and conversation as they quickly, professionally, and thoroughly search bags before sending guests onto their adventures. By the end of any given day, a typical guest will have interacted or been in the vicinity of security personnel on numerous occasions, often time without ever realizing it. These women and men are there when we are frightened for a lost child or parent, when the real world comes crashing in on our Fantasyland with a random crime, and the serve each guest with a positive outlook.

My Aunt Keeni was one of these amazing individuals for more than two decades. Over time she collected a number of badges, whistles, pins, coats, and a plethora of other Disney released items specifically designed to help or honor the Security Division. One of my favorite pieces from her collection is a pen that came in a wooden case. The pen and case were released in connection with the millennium, and the case featured Mickey in a Security uniform, complete with smile, and the phrase, “PROTECTING THE MAGIC THROUGH THE NEW MILLENNIUM.” I don’t know about each of you, but that is a pretty encouraging thought for me.For the past couple of years on this date I asked two things of the Main Street Gazette’s readers, and this year I simply ask you to do the same two things. One, on your next trip to any Disney theme park worldwide find a single Cast Member who makes your trip a bit more magical (in that unique way that only a Cast Member can), and let them know how they have made you feel with a simple, “Thank you.” And two, and most importantly, no matter if you are driving to the lobby from your resort room, taking a flight on Soarin’, or heading to work six months after your trip to Walt Disney World, please remember to fasten your seat belt and make sure all of your passengers do the same.

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Unknown said...

Nice post! Ya know.. there was a fella from New York checking our bags during our trip in August, and he had us all in stitches. When he found my daughters fuzzy mickey ears in my backpack, the jokes began and he had everyone in earshot cracking up!! It's those little things that make the whole Disney experience so great.