02 October 2009

Plastic corrosion awareness

Today, and for the next two weeks, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 return to the big screen. For the first time ever, however, they will be shown in 3D. This experience may seem a little anticlimactic for those who have ventured through the Toy Story Midway Mania queue at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. After all, Andy’s room comes alive in a variety of ways once you enter those doors.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked, yet most authentic, pieces from the Andy’s room queue is the two sided Doodle Round Up writing board. This board is visible from the Fastpass queue and again along the handicap access exit.

The Doodle Round Up is the cheap, but often more portable and child-friendly, cousin to the magna-doodle. Andy’s Doodle Round Up board, however, serves as not only Andy’s toy, but also as the board Woody uses to make notes for his staff meetings. While we never get a close up view of Woody’s notes during the film, the appearance of the Doodle Round Up in the Toy Story Midway Mania queue gives us a glimpse into Woody’s inner thoughts. Just as it was presented in the film Woody is most concerned about moving buddies and he wants to make sure to thank Mr. Spell for his work on the plastic corrosion awareness meeting.

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Gator Chris said...

Astounding. What a great find. Thanks!