15 October 2009

The mystery of the forest

A little more than a year ago Camp Minnie-Mickey closed one of the two shows that anchored the land. The only area to view real live animals in Camp Minnie-Mickey, aside from Mickey and friends of course, was Pocahontas and her Forest Friends. Using woodland creatures such as skunks, snakes, and porcupines, Pocahontas, along with Grandmother Willow and Sprig, race against time to discover the one creature in the woods who can protect the forest. As it turns out, that creature is discovered to be man, but no man or woman could save this touching show from being shuttered. But, a year after its final performance, what has changed in the arena where Pocahontas used to sing about the colors of the wind?

Surprisingly, on the surface, this conservation minded show appears like it could reopen again any day. The stage, seating, and even Grandmother Willow herself are all intact, and seem to be in good repair. Out front, however, is a different story. The Grandmother Willow Theater bulletin board promoting the show had its lettering removed earlier in the year and remained dark for until just recently. These days this announcement board now displays a map of Camp Minnie-Mickey. This is not the first site specific map to be found within the parks of Walt Disney World, however others, such as the map of Tomorrowland, generally come from areas that are very complex.

Of any land in any park in Walt Disney World, Camp Minnie-Mickey is by far the most in need of entertainment venues, whether they are shows or attractions, retail locations, and/or dining opportunities. While I don’t foresee Pocahontas and her Forest Friends returning anytime soon, I would love to see something functional, which involves animals, and carries with it the same heartfelt message of its predecessor. Until then, guests must remember that we are the creatures of the forest that can save and are responsible for the other critters of this planet, an idea that still permeates the rest of the park.


Gator Chris said...

Re: a new show

"A wilderness explorer is a friend to all nature!"

Just a thought.

M.Sedlar said...

Do you think this area is going to play a part in future expansion plans or is there enough land elsewhere that they don't need to touch Camp Minnie-Mickey? To be honest, I always avoid this section of the park. There's not much there.

Unknown said...

I miss the Pocahontas show, I wish they would bring it back. My kids still ask about it.