30 October 2009

Check yourself into the Laugh Floor

The Monster Inc. Laugh Floor has had some mixed reviews in the human world, but in Monstropolis it is the show to see, or the second show to see depending on who you ask. One of the many Monsters Inc. office bulletin boards includes reviews of the new show. From medical professionals, to the local paper, Monsters Inc. employees, and even Mike Wazowski’s parents have something to say on the matter. Here are a few of my favorite reviews:
Dr. Harvey Furrystein“If laughter is the best medicine, then check yourself into the Laugh Floor and you’ll feel better. If not, then call me and I’ll write you a prescription for something stronger.”

Unknown (Signed with a blot) – “I laughed my head off. Literally. If found, please return my head to Monsters Inc. lost and found. Thank you.”

The Daily Glob“If you see only one show this year, see My Scare Lady. But if you see two shows, then you should check out The Laugh Floor.”

Of course, this back and forth notes of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wazowski, Mike’s parents, is priceless!
Mrs. Lawrence Wazowski“Mike Wazowski is the funniest son I ever had.”
Mr. Lawrence Wazowski“Mike Wazowski is the only son you ever had!”
Mrs. Lawrence Wazowski“Are you saying he’s not funny?”
Mr. Lawrence Wazowski“He’s hilarious. I’m very proud of him. Now what’s for dinner?”

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