01 October 2009

Locked at all times

We have previously talked about the mischievous students that make Dinoland U.S.A. in Disney’s Animal Kingdom their home, but what about the students’ home within Dinoland? The one-time lodge known as Restaurantosaurus has become their mess hall and dormitory, and they have truly made it their own.As a preschool teacher I once had a student describe my action to another teacher in the following expression, “Watch Mr. Ryan! This is going to be really awesome and a little stupid!” While there has never been a more succinct definition of my life and personality, this turn of phrase works well for the students housed in Restaurantosaurus. After all, to come as far as they have these residents must be extremely bright, but they also like to let themselves run wild.To cite just a few examples, check out the main dining area, which comes complete with a tire swing, in the garage area the creative juices have spawned the crafting of dino-prints from oil and using hands and fingers for brushes, and who could forget the insatiable thirst that has caused the students to break through padlocks time after time for a refreshing beverage. While these are only a few of the really awesome items showcasing the life and times of the Dinoland U.S.A. graduate students, it goes to show that brilliance and foolhardiness often run in the same vein, and that you never can explore a place to thoroughly… Especially when students are given control of such a spacious abode.

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