27 October 2009

All it Takes is Faith and Trust: Life with the Boy Who Never Grew Up

I have said time and again that I could never do what I do without the infinite understanding and constant propelling of my wife, Aileen. This statement becomes truer with each and every day. Two years ago today we were married, and while I usually use my soapbox to proclaim how lucky I am to have her as my partner on this day, this year I thought it would be interesting to turn the reigns over to her. What is it like to live with me? Here is her biased, and probably somewhat forgiving, take on life with the Gazette’s Editor-In-Chief.
All it Takes is Faith and Trust: Life with the Boy Who Never Grew Up
By Aileen Sheehan-Wilson

Good morning readers of The Main Street Gazette. I assume this article is going to be posted around 9:00 a.m. eastern time, since my husband is nothing if not dedicated to getting the faithful readers of the Gazette their morning Disney fix. Unfortunately, your article today will not be filled with amazing Disney history or photos that you would have never thought to catch on your own. Instead, I am interrupting your regularly scheduled programming so that I can give you a glimpse of what it is like to live with this particular lover of all things Disney.

What brought this on you say? Why would the Editor-in-Chief hand over the reins on a random Tuesday in October? Well, as I am sure he has already stated in his opener to this article, it is our 2 year wedding anniversary today and I believe he thought it was time to hear what the other half of his household thinks about his complete dedication to bringing you new and interesting information about Walt Disney World and other parts of the Disney company.

If you have ever met me or seen Ryan and I interact, you would know that I spend a good portion of my day picking on him and loudly complaining that I know more about Walt Disney World than any one person should, especially one that had no interest in the parks 5 years ago. This may lead you to believe I dislike Walt Disney World or that I am annoyed that I have been forced to attend yet another trip to the parks but that is definitely not the case. Please note that I only pick on him for three reasons: I love him, he deserves it (don’t let him fool you, he picks on me all of the time) and because secretly I enjoy all of our Disney trips, even the ones where he spends most of his time taking photos of sidewalks, restrooms and out of the way signs. I even act as his assistant, helping him figure out what photos to take and what parks to visit each day. I may be exhausted when we return and complain that I will never do the 10 hour drive again, but to be honest, it is worth it. All of the effort is worth it because of the passion and respect he has for Walt Disney’s vision of a place that families can enjoy together.

Overall, I like to think of myself as Ryan’s grounding force, reminding him that although it is important to know what Walt Disney World was like in 1973, it is also important to take time out and enjoy the life he has around him. However, if I am Ryan’s grounding force, he is the one who has taught me to fly. He constantly reminds me that it is not always about being logical but instead about having faith and trust in the people around me and in the future. Without that, I have to say, I would be living a life with little excitement even less laughter.

So, to answer the question “What is it like living with Ryan P. Wilson,” I would have to say it is fun, sometimes frustrating, always silly and definitely worth every minute of struggle. He often says he is the boy who never grew up but that isn’t really the truth. He can definitely act like a fun loving boy (especially around kids), but in the end he has grown up to be a very thoughtful, humble and truly respectful man that I am lucky to share my life with.


The Viewliner Limited said...

To you both... "The Happiest Anniversary On Earth". Thanks for all you have shared with us. Very much appreciated, Richard.

Unknown said...

I read your blog everyday but this is the first time I've left a comment. I couldn't pass up the chance to offer you a Very Happy Anniversary greeting.....wishing you a Magical Day!

SamLand said...

Happy anniversary. My wife and I have been at this for 30 years now and I love every minute. You are very lucky. Take care.


jen said...

Great article, Aileen! I'm so glad to know you both--Happy, Happy (belated) Anniversary!

SahajaAlexandra said...

I am so happy that Aileen was a guest-writer. What a lovely piece that really reveals why the two of your work as a couple and why you are such a happy pair. I'm thankful that you're may family. Also, Aileen, I will never let you live down that you admitted your true love and enjoyment for all things Disney! I knew it! You're as enamoured as he is! Happy Belated Anniversary. I love you both.