29 October 2009

Believe in our wishes

Water is not an uncommon sight within the parks and resorts of Walt Disney World. From rides to waterways, to gentle streams and lagoons, water plays an important role in sustaining the parks growth, animals, and sense of animation. Some of the most gorgeous water features to be found on property are the various fountains and wells found scattered throughout the parks, recreational areas, and resorts.A longstanding pastime for well-gazers is the wishing upon a coin and tossing it into the water. Some prefer not to see the coin land, while others try to make as big a splash as possible or skip the coin across the water, the heart of the experience is taking a wish from deep down inside and setting it free.Once the coins are gone from your hand and settled to the bottom of the well, pond, or fountain, the wishes are carried with guests and the coin is almost immediately forgotten about, but that does not stop them from making a difference. A wishing coin that gave a desire hope also brings a different kind of hope to others. From Disney Hand, the global outreach branch of the Disney Company, to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, these coins have made a difference in the lives of children, families, animals, charitable organizations, conservation programs, and a multitude of other groups throughout the world.While many of us don’t carry much change with us when visiting Walt Disney World these days, unless we’re on a collision course with the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade or a pressed penny machine, it is important to remember just how far carrying a few coins in our pockets can go. A coin, and some properly placed water, can give a heart’s wish wings and can make someone else’s dreams come true.

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