17 October 2009

WDFM - November Schedule

The Walt Disney Family Museum opened a few weeks ago and, from all reports, it is indeed a sight to behold. They have just sent out their public schedule of events for November, and it is chock full of events to excite and entice Disney enthusiasts. From classic animation and conversations with Imagineers, to the original Alice and Christmas with the Disneys, I could go on, but I’ll let the schedule speak for itself.


Film of the Month: Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty runs until November 20th
12:30pm, 3:30pm, 6:30pm, Theater

tickets available online at www.waltdisney.com

The classic fairy tale of a princely kiss awaking a beautiful princess from a deep sleep is the subject of Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Throughout the month of November, relive or discover for the first time the visually stunning animated feature, Sleeping Beauty as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this incredible film.

November 14 - International Animation Festival and the Screening of the Alice Comedies
Landmark Theatres Embarcadero Center Cinema

tickets available on the SF Film Society website

Walt Disney’s first successful series of films, the Alice Comedies, were built around a clever special-effects idea: a real little girl entering a cartoon world and interacting with the cartoon characters.
The Walt Disney Family Museum will partner with the San Francisco International Animation Festival to present these charming films. A selection of the Alice Comedies can be seen during the Festival on Saturday, November 14 at the Embarcadero Cinema.

November 27 - Christmas with Walt Disney (Special Holiday Film Begins)
12:30pm, 3:30pm, 6:30pm, Theater

tickets available online at www.waltdisney.com

Walt Disney’s Christmases past are remembered in this special holiday screening that includes Walt’s “Nutcracker Suite” from Fantasia (1940), Pluto’s Christmas Tree (1952), scenes from the television Christmas specials, and rarely seen home movies of Walt at home with his family. See how Walt celebrated this beloved holiday at the Studio, at Disneyland, and at home.


November 21 - The Art of Sleeping Beauty with Lella Smith
3:00 pm, Theater

tickets available online at www.waltdisney.com

The rich tapestry appearance is the visual hallmark of Sleeping Beauty and the primary vision of animator Eyvind Earle. Lella Smith, Creative Director of Walt Disney Animation Studios Research Library, will discuss the unique art and design that brought Princess Aurora and her magical world to life 50 years ago.

November 22 - Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and Beyond: The Designs and Art of Herb Ryman
3:00 pm, Theater

tickets available online at www.waltdisney.com

The first glimpse of the gleaming white towers of “Sleeping Beauty’s Castle” is a moment that few forget. But, who designed Disneyland’s most recognizable landmark and the dream home of many a prince and princess? Here is the opportunity to discover the creativity of an early Imagineer, Herb Ryman, from Marty Sklar, former International Ambassador for Walt Disney Imagineering.
Mr. Sklar, who was with the Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney Imagineering for 53 years, will talk about the extraordinary talent of Herb Ryman that went beyond his work at Disneyland by sharing his art and designs.

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