16 October 2009

Soaring on currents of air

I would like to preface this article by stating that it had been prepared prior to yesterday’s news out of Colorado.In April of this year, Downtown Disney began offering a new experience to guests at Walt Disney World, the ability to take flight in a tethered balloon known as Characters in Flight. With a cage capable of holding up to 20+ guests, the character covered balloon could climb as high as four hundred feet and offer unparalleled views of Walt Disney World. Although, it should be mentioned that the number of guests and the maximum height are totally dictated by the weather conditions and often times the balloon must be grounded.

This is an experience that even those who have a fear of heights, like myself, cannot afford to pass this flight over. The pilots are well trained and affable, answering questions, relating information about the flight itself, and discussing what sights can be seen. For some of the available vistas, see below.

I know that there have been discussions about paying for such an attraction, but since its opening in 1972 Walt Disney World has always offered unique events that cost above and beyond the regular park going experience. My own real concern stemming from Characters in Flight is the fact that, at times, it can be seen from inside of the parks. However interesting the skyline looks with this balloon hovering above it, it does cause some visual intrusion.

No matter the concerns or drawbacks, this is most certainly a flight that everyone should take at least once.


Netmongrel said...

We saw Characters in Flight on our last trip but didn't have an opportunity to experience it. Hoping to rectify that next time.

You got some great pics!

lorilovestigger said...

Great shots Ryan!! When I went up it was really cloudy and couldn't see that far. Hopefully next trip up will be bright and sunny.