08 October 2009

Anandapur Township

The merits of various queues and exteriors is a regular discussion among Disney enthusiasts, and while most are willing to grant that certain queues (namely the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Expedition Everest, and MuppetVision) stand head and shoulders above the rest, the order in which such queues should be ranked is always a matter of debate. As attractions come and go, this examination is sure to continue. What is most often neglected in these conversations, however, is the strength that a given land shows around its namesake theme. Among all the many lands of the kingdoms of Florida, Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Asia surely ranks among the elite.

Consider the simple sign above and what we can gleam from its many facets. For starters, in case we were unaware, the map informs us that the district of Asia that we are visiting is known as Anandapur. Anandapur, like all civilized localities, has various ministries, departments, or offices to assure that smooth operation of any and everything within the district. This sign, for example, was erected and maintained by the Royal Wildlife and Forestry Authority.

This Trekker’s Guide not only serves as a topographical map of the area, but also denotes the names of hotels and other lodging opportunities, shopping locations, and various hikes visitors may partake in. While most may acknowledge this sign as a terrific element of Anandapur, most will not look closely enough to notice the names of the various businesses. Within the lists of Treks and Shops are five locations that exist within this incarnation of Asia.

To add yet another layer, these five locations, Kali rapid Expeditions, Chakranadi Chicken Shop, Maharajah Jungle Trek, Mandala Gifts, and Mr. Panika’s Shop, are all listed in blue while the fictitious establishments are listed in red. While all of the business listed are able to be visited, be warned some of these companies cannot actually take you money as they are only part of a queue. Examples of such a phenomenon are Mr. Panika’s Shop and Kali River Expeditions, both of which can be passed through as part of the queue for Kali River Rapids.

A solitary sign lends so much credence to the idea that we are visiting Asia because the world that surrounds it shares the same truths. The locations on the map can be visited, Anandapur has a clear definition of what organizations are required in order for it to thrive, and even the rust speaks volumes about the length of time Anandapur has been around. Furthermore, these small details spiral out and through all of Asia beckoning us into their story and sending us out on adventures.


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