30 July 2009

The Walt Disney Family Museum - Part III

The Walt Disney Family Museum has been gracious enough to send many of us in the Disney online community preview galleries week after week to entice and excite every Disney fan the world over. While the images and information below may be repeated on other sites, if they are willing to go the extra mile (especially Communications Coordinator Andrea Wang) to include all of us, I am willing to go the extra mile and make sure everyone is getting a glimpse at what the exhibits will have to offer.

In addition to these galleries, the Walt Disney Family Museum has also launched its own website and a Facebook blog. Be sure to check both of these items out, as well as their Twitter, to make sure you aren’t missing out some incredible pieces of history!
Galleries 3 New Horizons: The Emergence of the Walt Disney Studio (1928 to 1940)The success of Mickey Mouse let Walt Disney expand the newly renamed Walt Disney Studios and improve the quality of Studio animations, so he embarked on a series of ambitious projects, including the “Silly Symphonies,” one-reel shorts that let him experiment with images, music, and story lines. In the following years, the Studio created the first Technicolor cartoons, introduced a multiplane camera to create the illusion of depth in animated films, and developed distinctive styles of movement and personality in their characters. Also in this period, Walt and Lillian’s family grew to include daughters Diane and Sharon.The continuing success of Walt’s cartoons led to a revolution in the art and technology of animation. Vintage artifacts, animation art, character merchandise, and family photos chronicle the creative explosion of the 1930s, Walt’s sudden world fame, and Diane and Sharon.

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