20 July 2009

Vintage Posters

On August 5, 2009 Swann Auction Galleries in New York, NY will be auctioning a number of unique posters. Entitled Vintage Posters, the event will showcase posters with a distinctly summer feel, both in color and by the scene and destinations presented. The artwork of Mather & Company, Jules Chéret, David Kline, Jean Cocteau, and a plethora of other remarkable artists will be well represented. Vintage Posters top lot, L’Estampe Modern, comes from Alfons Mucha and features over one hundred images.While the amount of poster art gathered in one place for this experience is grand, you may be asking yourself why the average Disney enthusiast would be interested in such a sale. Included among the five hundred and two lots of the Vintage Posters auction are three pieces any Disney fan would be proud to display in their own homes. A 1940 Pinocchio poster and a 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs poster, both 40x27, are included alongside a Disneyland/United Air Lines poster by Stanley Walter Galli. While outside of my budget, I sincerely hope they find their way into the hands of a dedicated Disneyana collector.If the weather happens to be dreary, I invite you to peruse through the wonderfully warm Vintage Posters catalogue available on Swann Auction Galleries website. Information on the specific dates and times of the Exhibition and Auction can also be found there. And, if by any chance, you happen to be looking for your own piece of Disney history, I can think of no better place to look.


Princess Fee said...

I love these vintage posters! Fantastic!

Hilary Shandale said...

wonderful post! absolutely love all the old posters!