11 July 2009

How technical

MuppetVision 3D, the feature presentation from the Muppets at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s California Adventure, was created by Muppet Labs to showcase the unique opportunities that MuppetVision offers viewing audiences. Even though the invite top scientists from all over the world, and even though no one showed up, it doesn’t mean that the advantages of MuppetVision haven’t been capitalized upon. Take for instance camera producers, clearly they see the future, and the future is MuppetVision. As with all industries, competition drives the market, and MuppetVision is definitely spawning competition, as you can see different models of cameras to capture future films are being developed.

The camera above can be found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, hanging from the rafters in the Studio 1 Store, while the camera below is featured in the MuppetVision 3D queue at Disney’s California Adventure.

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