14 July 2009

From villages and family farms

With the longer days of summer comes extra hours of sunlight that allow us to sit on our back porch with friends and family, enjoy a meal, and make memories that will last for years to come. As with most memories, the food that is consumed can often be what is remembered longer than the company. This summer, when planning your next evening on the porch or dinner party, consider this crisp salad below.The Endive Salad with Walnut Cream comes from World Showcase’s France. While not on any menu, the salad is featured in the cookbook perched near a window, and several loaves of delicious crusty bread, in the Boulangerie Patisserie. The recipe itself comes to us in an untraditional fashion, but is nevertheless scrumptious.

Wash some medium-size endives, trim the pointed ends, and cut them into quarters lengthwise. Dip the leaf ends in a little paprika, and arrange the endives in a ring on a serving platter, ends outward. Mash a slice of Roquefort with enough good-quality walnut oil to make a thick cream. Spoon the cream over the root ends of the endive quarters, garnish with a few shelled walnuts, and serve with brown bread.

The cook book also suggests wine pairings for various endive recipes. For endive salads that include walnuts, the book recommends serving, “a white CĂ´tes de Jura with its own walnutty notes.”

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Princess Fee said...

With all these recipes, I imagine the offices of the Main Street Gazette have some amazing dinner or luncheon parties!