26 July 2009

“Life & Health” at Conceptual State

Sometimes, when it comes to the attractions and pavilions at Walt Disney World, a good idea only needs to be tweaked to become a fantastic experience. Wonders of Life, which opened in October of 1989, started its life as the Life & Health pavilion. Today’s Back Issue article, “Life & Health” at Conceptual State, was originally published in the December 17, 1982 issue of the WED/MAPO Imaginews.
‘Life and Health,’ a Future World themed attraction for EPCOT Center, Phase II has been conceptualized with some preliminary work completed. No opening date has been set, but ‘Life & Health’ is slated to be included in EPCOT Center because its theme is so important to the overall EPCOT Center message; that there is hope for tomorrow.

‘Life & Health’ at this stage of design will include a dark ride and three theater shows.

The dark ride will be titled ‘The Incredible Journey Within,’ a thrilling ride in which guests will be reduced in size to travel in an ultrasonic probe vehicle through the human body. Inside, they will see how our body ‘machines’ operate.

Next door are three theaters. In ‘The Joy of Life’ theater, guests will view a film presentation that focuses on the beauty and wonder of the life cycle, using a theme that it’s great to be alive at any age.

‘The Head Trip’ theater will be highlighted by a show featuring three ‘Audio-Animatronics’ characters; Emotion, Intellect and Nervous System, who will take guests on a tour of the human brain, humorously explaining the date handling and internal capabilities within all of us.

The ‘Good Health Habits’ show will star three mechanical people. The show is a three act musical table performed by Disney ‘Audio-Animatronics’ characters in the form of a mechanical analogy.

‘Life and Health’ will feature a variety of entertaining shows and experiences themed to the wonder and care of the incredible human ‘machine.’ Guests will learn that good health is based…more than anything else…on their own habits and behavior.

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Time to rejigger, reinvent and retheme Wonders of Life and bring it back better than before!