06 July 2009

Magical Times

When asked what my favorite resort at Walt Disney World is, the person who asked the question is in for a detailed twenty minute dissertation on the merits of Value, Moderate, and Deluxe Resorts, pool elements, lobbies, furnishings, hidden details, and the stories of the resorts. When they walk away scratching their head they are probably pondering how they just received a copious amount of information but not a true answer. When you ask me the same question as it relates to Disneyland, there is one simple answer, the Disneyland Hotel.

While it is the only one of the three Disney resorts that I have stayed at, I have taken the opportunity to tour through the others, and the Disneyland Hotel still reaches far and above the other two. Maybe it is the history of the place or the attention to detail, but I simply love this resort. This evening I thought we would showcase some of the small elements, the images included among the vines and flowers of the comforters and the wallpaper that is filled with character, to give the readers an understanding of just how right this resort is.


M.Sedlar said...

I never noticed that wallpaper before. Thanks for the pics!

The Grand Californian is pretty nice; although, it definitely doesn't have the same history as the Disneyland hotel.

AJ said...

I look forward to the opportunity to stay at every "new-to-me" Disney resort because of things like this. Disney clearly knows how to impress it's long-standing fans -- detail.