15 July 2009

You've seen Pooey

Everyone has seen a production by Spielberg, Coppola, and Anderson, but how many of us can say they’ve seen Pooey?

The streetmosphere characters of Disney’s Hollywood Studios are, by far, some of the greatest performers I have ever been witness too. They are bright, quick witted, and have a wonderful ability to capture your attention and hold it long enough to engage you in the scene they are creating. Of all of these characters, however, my favorite is Director Vladimir Pooey. He is affable, sympathetic, and knows how to make, and film, a scene.

As with any great director, Pooey is never far from his camera and business cards. The cards themselves feature great word play and some fabulous details about Pooey, including his studio name and location, phone number, a testament to how great his work is, and his tagline. This keepsake is a wonderful memory of your work with Pooey, and one that is sure to bring a smile to your face years after your encounter.The next time you find yourself on the boulevards of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, be sure you keep an eye out for his next production, it just might star you!

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