23 July 2009

Lots of fun and laughter

Within the first week of meeting my wife, I knew I had something special on my hands. At that point, I decided that I should try to push the envelope and see how far we could go, and so I suggested we take a trip down to Walt Disney World. It sounded like a good idea to her, we would visit some family in the Tampa area and then head over to Walt Disney World and spend several days visiting the parks. Free Dining had been offered and we booked ourselves into Port Orleans: French Quarter towards the end of August in 2005. By the time the trip arrived we had been dating for six months and, as it turns out, we had a fantastic trip and found out that we travel extremely well together. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The point of the introduction is that if you are a young couple, young in terms of your relationship not your age, I highly recommend a trip to Walt Disney World, if only to see how well you can travel and compromise together. Any trip can put a strain on a relationship, a trip to Walt Disney World will test just how far you can push one another and, if the pairing is right, strengthen the bonds between you.

Walt Disney World is, however, first and foremost about fun. While on a trip you should be relaxing, enjoying the experiences as they present themselves, and doing the absolute silliest thing you can think of. Those are the memories that last and last years after a trip has ended.

Many families love to take pictures of themselves or their children in a sombrero in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion, but what about the other ten pavilions of World Showcase. On that first trip my future wife and I set out to take a memorable picture in each of the pavilions. Some are sillier than others, usually those are the ones that I am in, but the point was to have fun and explore the pavilions rather than offer them a glance and pass on by. My wife was the queen of finding great backdrops and I was the king of props and silly faces.

Who says, just because you are an adult, that you have to grow up?

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Princess Fee said...

What a lovely post and what fantastic pictures! Am also very proud to see one of Aileen at the UK phone-box! :)

And I always think the true test of a relationship is a holiday somewhere - and especially somewhere like Disney.

From my experience, it benefited meeting my soon-to-be other half at Disney as he already knew my geekness, ahem, I mean, affection, for the place! When someone accompanies you character meeting, you know you've found someone special! :)