06 July 2009

Collectible vinyl series

When word, and pictures, began to spread last year about Disney’s foray into vinyl collectibles with its line of Vinylmations I had many questions. My first question amounted to, “Why am I seeing a Yeti at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?” While the artistic concepts, interpretations, and finished products range from intriguing to masterpieces, for the most part, the Park Series never seemed at home in their photographs. So, on my recent trip to Walt Disney World, I snapped some photographs of the original series figures in their natural habitats. Sadly, due to a technical malfunction, I lost about half of the images, but here are a few that appear right at home.

For more information on the Vinylmation collectibles, check out VinylNation and Shoes, Shorts, Gloves.


Clare Swindlehurst said...

Those figures are brilliant - where on earth did you get them from??

Ryan P. Wilson said...

There are several different series that have been released Clare, but you can find all the locations they are available for purchase at here: http://www.vinylnation.net/wheretobuy.html.