15 January 2008

Grant me my wish as well

We all have wishes. Dreams that we hold in our heart, heave towards the first star, and believe that they will come true. Some wishes are practical, wishing for a better job, some our romantic, wishing that your one true love will say yes when you propose, and some can only be classified as magical. These, more often than not, are Disney wishes, grand dreams, filled with exciting adventures, which are generally improbable. Wishes for a trip to Walt Disney World, to stay in the Cinderella Suite, to fly to Neverland, to see the future, to be a movie star, all of these fall under the guise of Disney Magic. Since magical is defined as created by, or as if by, magic we are given a wide brush with which to paint these wishes.

However, some of these wishes are created with the finest one-hair brushes. Wishes of this caliber are left to folks like you and me, the Disney geeks, experts, nerds, and gurus. They include yearnings like a piece of audio, a rare book, the search for a single rarely seen character, or a long lost cartoon or movie. Undoubtedly, we each have a list complied full of such rarities. And, like all wishes, once a wish comes true, we are shocked and excited. But then, just like that, we find a new wish on our list to dream about. I know that I, myself, searched for months for a single copy of Horizons’ full audio, wishing on many a star, and I almost passed out when I finally found it. Yet, today, as much as I loved finding that one piece of music, the one piece I wanted so very badly, I now wish I could find the entire soundtrack, with narration, for Impressions de France.

It’s a vicious cycle that lives in each of us, but finding new dreams to wish about is what life is all about. After all, according to the Jiminy Cricket, who presides over Wishes, “You’ll never run out of wishes. They’re shining deep down inside of you, because that, my friends, is where the magic lives.”

So, tonight, I want each of you to find one those dreams shining down in the depths that is you. If you haven’t examined it in a while, you may have to dust it off a little before it shines. Then, hold it close to your heart, find the first star that catches your eye, and fling your wish straight at your star. Who knows what magic you may find!


Greg said...


Check your email. I just sent you 17 minutes and 59 seconds (or 41.3 MBs) worth of granted wishes.


Alyssa Collier said...

With a world of craziness sometimes wishes are lost in the shuffle. Thank you for a time of reflection on what really matters.