02 January 2008

Besides, he’s made of snow

Today was a Snow Day here for us in Western North Carolina, and tomorrow is looking like at least a delay. That’s the joy of working in preschool, you still get the occasional Snow Day and you do not have to do anything that qualifies as work (homework, book work, real work). This one felt kind of like a late Christmas present, as it would have been our first day back to school since the holidays.

There were neighborhood children sledding down the hill outside our house, snow angels were made, and shoddy attempts at snowmen were made (there was not enough snow to make anything higher that a couple of inches). One snowman, or should I say snowmouse, actually had ears. But, like the elusive Yeti, the mouse was gone before any photographic evidence could be taken. (I ask you, is it right to let a pre-teen boy bully a grown adult by knocking his snowmouse down while on his sled?!?!).

All day long, especially while building my soon to be dismantled snowmouse, I continually found myself singing Hap-Hap-Happy Snowman. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this ditty, it was written by Tom Adair and the wife of Disney Legend George Bruns, Jeanne Gayle. It was from the Mickey Mouse Club’s The New Adventures of Spin and Marty, which aired during the Mickey Mouse Club’s third season.
Along with other fine melodies from the Mickey Mouse Club, the Hap-Hap-Happy Snowman can currently be found on iTunes on the album: Walt Disney Presents Songs from the Mickey Mouse Club Serials. As well, YouTube has a copy of the segment where Annette Funicello and gang first premiered the song.

If this song doesn’t keep you smiling through the cold days ahead this winter, I don’t know what will. Perhaps your snowmice will thrive better than my own.

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