14 January 2008

Looking back at tomorrow

Clearly, as the Beyond Today segment continues, we are fast approaching Horizons. For this article I not only wanted to show the technologies that were created, and the story designed, that made this attraction possible, but I also want to really focus on the human element. For this, I need your help. We all have our stories about this ‘Heart of Epcot’ attraction, and I would like to share your story, if you’ll allow me, with the rest of the readers. If you have a story you would like to share, by all means, please email it to me.

This article is still a few weeks away, so you have time to gather your thoughts, but please don’t think your story isn’t intriguing enough, because it is. I am interested to see just how, and in what way, Horizons has touched each of you, and I am sure there are others who are just as interested.

So, turning the tables a bit, I can’t wait to see what you all have in store for me!

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Greg said...


I will rack my memory and try to contribute something. Off hand, I know that I miss it, along with World of Motion and the original Imagination. Let me work on it, but I sure it will have something do with the interactive returns to the present. That is what struck me on my first visit; plus my prior obsession with videotaping anything and everything.