25 January 2008

Shining deep down inside

Sorry for the delay folks, the Main Street Gazette’s computer crashed last weekend, and we still don’t have it up and running yet. So, the articles may be a little more sporadic than I'd like for the time being, but I will strive to keep the quality up to a level that you expect.

It seems like the more I talk about wishes, some of them rather selfish, the more I find out about wishes. Today, I want to make any of my readers who don’t regularly read Grupmy's Hollow aware of a situation I think deserves all of the community’s attention and wish fulfillment. He has a nephew name Collin who is a very happy little boy, but who has a very serious disorder. I could go on, and probably flub a lot of what I have read, but I’d rather you read it from Ray.

While this has very little to do with Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or the Disney Community as a whole, I do believe that spreading magic when and where we can is not only a requirement of the Disney Community, it is also a requirement of the human condition. So, please go and read Ray's article and, even if you are unable to help yourself, pass this along to someone you know who might.

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