18 January 2008

Not just anything

This community is truly a wonder at times. Ray, over at Grumpy's Hollow, recently discussed books he received from the Nerdy Brothers, as well as prints that his sister-in-laws’ children received from Tim Devine. Everyone has these types of magical stories, and I just received another one.

While taking about the wishes we all have the other day, I used an example of a piece of audio I had recently been scouring the internet for. As it turns out our good friend Doc, of Disney Obsession fame, or infamy, had a copy he had recorded that he was sending my way. Unfortunately, the email servers didn’t like the size of the file, and rejected the transfer. That’s when Doc stepped up to the plate and knocked on out of the park! As we speak a burned copy of the audio is on its way to my door. For those of you who share my pain of the eternal audio quests, you’ll understand just how excited I am.

So, once again, thank you Doc. You rock!

1 comment:

Tim said...

thanks for the mention, eric. i too am a disney audiophile and know how exciting it can be when you bring home one of the holy grails. congrats!