26 January 2008

Let’s get cooking

It’s a Saturday morning, and your weekend seems a little less than exhilarating, so how about whipping up some of my favorite Disney recipes. They’re sure to keep you entertained, one way or the other.


Of Absent Minded Professor fame, not of, well, Flubber infamy. Who hasn’t wanted a batch of this stuff while sitting in traffic, going nowhere fast, late on a Friday evening. Well, now you can whip up your own and be on your way.


Saltwater Taffy
Polyurethane Foam (1 dash)
Baker’s Yeast
Cracked Rice

Boil until it lifts lid and says, “Qurlp”


For those of you who are more maniacal in nature, or just can’t bear seeing another Saturday Morning Cartoon running across your television screen, I offer you the diabolical draft of the dastardly Judge Doom, the Dip.


1 Part Acetone
1 Part Benzene
1 Part Turpentine

Mix Well
Handle with Extreme Caution!


Okay, for those of us who are a little more grounded and a little less foul, this may be the recipe for us. True, we are still in the middle of winter, But spring is just around the corner and soon chilled Spring mornings will have many of us outside preparing our flower beds. So for those of you who wish you could make your garden a little more Disney, and a little less drab, see if this works a little magic in your planted patch.


50% Peat Moss
10% Green Bark Chips
40% Sand

For more information on gardening Disney style, I recommend Secrets of Disney's Glorious Gardens, by Kevin Markey.

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