06 January 2008

We filch and sack

Alright, we are going to sidetrack a little today, and make this article a little more personal and a little less Disney. Growing up in Central Florida meant that you had one team to cheer for, which usually left you pretty dismayed, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Today they again begin their assault on the NFL playoffs.
So that this all makes sense to those of you who haven’t followed the Bucs for your entire lives, let me briefly explain what this has to do with Walt Disney World. The Buccaneers have for the past six seasons held Training Camp at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex. They are also the closest team to Orlando. That doesn’t mean that Orlando’s team is Tampa’s team, after all Miami had the Dolphins in Florida long before Tampa, and there is that other team from Florida (Jacksonville Jaguars) that is also in the playoffs this season. But since the Bucs do train in Orlando, I like to think that Orlando is the Buccaneers’ second home.

So, whether you grew up with the creamsicle Bucs that couldn't find a winning season with a map, have loved the pewter Bucs who won a Super Bowl, or have never given them a second thought, I ask that today you throw some support their way as they take on the New York Giants in their quest for football’s most illustrious game, the Super Bowl. After all, how many teams do you know that have taken the time to theme their stadium to their team? There is only one that I know of, and that is the Buccaneers, with their own pirate ship inside of the stadium.


Image Courtesy of AP


Greg said...

Well Ryan, we can commiserate with each other. Living in Tennessee, I am a Titan fan. I suppose I will be cheering for the other AFC South teams next week.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

I'm with you Doc! I've been in mourning for a couple of days. As a Tampa, and I'm sure as a Titan, fan I'm sure we are both used to the heartbreak of a season cut short. Ah well, there's always next season!