12 January 2008

Beyond Today Bibliography

My original plan called for the Beyond Today articles to have a bibliography at the end of the series. However, after much demand, I have decided to update this bibliography with each installment. I will include a link to the updated bibliography with each new article. Happy reading and researching!

Part II – Your Mind Will Expand
George McGinnis on MousePlanet
WDW Radio Show - Episode 27
The Mighty Microscope
Adventures Thru Inner Space
Rocket Jets

Part III – You Will See Many Familiar Inhabitants
George McGinnis on MousePlanet
WDW Radio Show - Episode 27
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
The Disney Mountains – Jason Surrell
Today in History: Disney – Eve Zibart

Part IV – In, through... and beyond
George McGinnis
The Black Hole Pre-Production/Concept Art
WDW Radio Show - Episode 27

Part V - Please hold onto the handrails
George McGinnis
George McGinnis on MousePlanet: Disneyland Mark V Monorails
George McGinnis on MousePlanet: Walt Disney World’s Mark VI Monorails
Realityland - David Koenig
Walt Disney Treasures - Disneyland: Secrets, Stories & Magic

Part VI - Challenges of the future
George McGinnis
Walt Disney's EPCOT - Richard R. Beard

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